Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

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Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

In challenging economic times it is essential that business owners engage suitable professionals to advise them with regard their business and in certain circumstances insolvency procedures.

Company directors can be held personally liable for company debts if they are not seen to be taking the required steps in addressing the situation.

Shane Somers & Associates Insolvency Team can offer the much-needed advice to business owners, about which options are best for your circumstances.

There are a number of different insolvency procedures as follows:

  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
  • Court Appointed Liquidation
  • Examinership
  • Receivership
  • Schemes of arrangement
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation

In addition, in conjunction with our Tax Department, we assist and advise shareholders of solvent companies with a view to releasing value in a tax-efficient manner, particularly where companies no longer fulfil a business role.

Why choose us?

At Shane Somers & Associates we recognise that each client has different circumstances and needs, so we aim to tailor our service accordingly. As well as each client having direct access to the founding Partner whenever required, an appropriate Manager will have responsibility for each individual case to ensure that appropriate services are provided in a cost-effective way. Our aim is to provide personal attention to your needs with continuity of contact personnel, whilst also offering the necessary resources and technical support required to deal with all your business and financial affairs.
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